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With PAR Marketing Services you get a business partner who will apply his in-depth knowledge of marketing and business to help promote and grow your business.

You get the flexibilty of marketing support that always fits your changing needs."

"Paul helped Gibson orchestrate our best events, publish our best eNewsletters and generate several generations of ever improving websites."

Dan O'Brien   
President - Gibson Engineering Company              









PAR Marketing Services provides markteing consulting and support services to businesses that don't have a dedicated marketing group.

For over 20 years I have been involved in helping businesses grow through effective marketing initiatives. With a background in Industrial Automation I have worked for and with auotmation solutions providers to find innovative ways to sell and promote their evolving technology. It is this proven record of creating and implementing successful marketing programs that are tailored specifically for the industrial automation market that makes PAR Marketing Services a valuable addition to your staff.

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